The Medical Life series of magazines are widely recognised as being a unique channel for a multitude of companies targeting medical professionals:

Pharmaceutical Companies

As the only magazine delivered to 100% of consultants within that specialty, the Medical Life magazine is an essential component in the marketing mix for pharmaceutical companies. Opportunities to advertise adjacent to research summaries, medical news and numerous clinical content allow pharmaceutical companies to associate with pure clinical articles.

Medical Device Companies

In addition to the opportunity to advertise adjacent to clinical content, a regular feature of all Medical Life magazines is the ‘Alpha’ section. This allows medical equipment manufacturers to showcase new products and provide reviews and high-resolution colour photographs immediately to their target audience.

Non-Medical Advertisers

Australian medical specialists have a median income in excess of $400,000, and have historically been a very difficult-to-access group. In addition, they are an archetypal time-poor, high-income group with limited knowledge on matters relating to finance. Medical Life creates a unique opportunity to target the entirety of this high income group with advertising adjacent to articles on finance, property, superannuation, investments etc. Advertisers from the insurance, banking, lending, finance and investment will find this opportunity particularly of interest as this is the only channel for non-advertisers to access medical specialist as traditional medical journals will not accept advertising from non-medical companies.